Dr Loumidis has short waiting lists and in some venues he may be able to offer an appointment within a week. Dr Loumidis or his private secretary deal personally with all enquiries.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Dr Loumidis' office

Private Consulting Rooms
Dr Loumidis holds weekly private clinics at the Leicester Nuffield Hospital, the Apley Clinic in Telford, the Wolverhampton Nuffield Hospital, the South Bank SPIRE Hospital in Worcester, the Spire Manchester Hospital,  and the Shropshire Nuffield Hospital. He is also available to travel if necessary.  His practice at Harley Street in London, is regularly used for expert witness services or exclusive appointments in extraordinary circumstances.

Confidential Contact
To see Dr Loumidis privately, you can arrange for an appointment by calling his private office on 01902-843 877 where you can leave a message on his 24-hour messaging service. Dr Loumidis or his private secretary on
07738-559 114  will deal personally and confidentially with all enquiries, usually within 12 hours.

Referral Process
Often people are referred by their GP, or by other professionals such as solicitors, teachers, occupational health physicians, human resource managers, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, or nurses, to name a few. Dr Loumidis prefers to receive a brief referral letter from your referrer (or your GP) before, or very shortly after, the first appointment. In exceptional circumstances, Dr Loumidis may see people for a confidential consultation without a referral letter.

Booking Process
When you call to book an appointment, we will need your details such as your name, address, date of birth, name of your referrer, your contact details such as your telephone and email address, the name of your GP and referrer, and also details about your payment arrangement. 

Identify Verification
We will need a credit or debit card from all patients for identity verification purposes, which we verify using SagePay,  the UK & Ireland's largest independent payment service provider, and will only charge your card if, and only if, we have your written and signed consent, otherwise it is just used for identity verification.

Credit or debit card details
We will charge for self-paying fees, shortfalls, missed appointments not paid by your insurers, or extra sessions.  You can be safe in the knowledge that Dr Loumidis is an ICO Registered Data Controller, compliant with the Data Protection Act 2003.

Documents Needed
We shall then post or email our Terms and Conditions and a Payment Mandate for you to please read and sign and return to us by email, by post or hand deliver to Dr Loumidis when you first see him. 

Duration of Sessions
Therapy sessions usually last up to a maximum of 45 minutes, but this may vary to include administration time.  We will try to offer you your preferred choice of time, date and venue, but this may not always be logistically possible, but we always endeavour to be as flexible as possible to suit your lifestyle.
  Appointments for expert witness or other purposes can last much longer.

Keeping your GP informed
To ensure that all the professionals who are involved in your care are kept informed about your care, soon after the first appointment, and at regular intervals after that, Dr Loumidis will be writing to them and your GP, providing regular updates on the process and outcome of treatment. 

Fees and Payment
Private psychological therapy can be available to self-paying individuals, and people who have their fees paid by private medical insurers or other sources.
If you are insured, before your appointment, please contact your insurer for a “pre-authorisation number”, to find out about any “excess” or “maximum allowance”, whether a GP or psychiatric referral is needed and your “policy expiry date”.  Please keep a track of your sessions.  We may charge some insurers at a lower rate, but any additional sessions are charged at our standard rate. With your consent, we will charge your card for self-paying fees, shortfalls, missed appointments not paid by your insurers, or extra sessions.  You can be safe in the knowledge that Dr Loumidis is an ICO Registered Data Controller, compliant with the Data Protection Act 2003. If you have any queries about fees or payment matters, please contact Dr Loumidis' office.

Cancellation Policy
When you make an appointment, we reserve the whole session for you. If, in exceptional circumstances, you may need to cancel your appointment, we will need at least two
working days' notice. This is to allow us the time to offer your cancelled appointment to people who may be on a cancellation list waiting for an appointment. The full fee will be charged for non-attendance, or less than two working days' notice of cancellation. Some insurers or other agencies may not pay for these, so we will charge your card.  Please note that we may reluctantly use debt collection services for unpaid invoices.

Instructions As An Expert Witness
Dr Loumidis will act as an independent expert witness only if he is formally instructed by an interested party
(e.g., solicitors, employers, tribunals).

Waiting Times
As soon as you
make the appointment, Dr Loumidis will try to see you within the same week.


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