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Expert Psychologists is a private clinical psychology practice, with clinics at
Harley Street in London, at BUPA/SPIRE and Nuffield Hospitals in the Midlands, the North West, and other consulting rooms nationwide.

About Dr Loumidis
Dr Loumidis qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1996, after 10 years of academic and clinical training in the United Kingdom. After years as an NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, he now works in full-time private practice.  Dr Loumidis is the Director of Expert Psychologists Ltd.

Psychological Reports for the Courts
Dr Loumidis is an
Independent Expert Witness in clinical psychology. Since 1996 he has provided independent reports for over 100 different solicitors' firms and other organisations. He receives on average 50 new instructions per year.

Private Psychological Therapy
Dr Loumidis' expertise is in the psychological assessment and treatment of difficulties ranging from mild non-clinical problems, to severe and complex psychiatric disorders. He mainly offers evidence-based and scientifically proven psychological therapies, which he tailors sensitively to the individual's circumstances.

Occupational Health
Expert Psychologists Ltd offers specialist risk assessments, occupational health reports, psychological therapy, back-to-work programs and individually tailored services to organisations in the public and private sectors. 

Psychological Needs Assessments (Rehabilitation Code)

Dr Loumidis offers psychological assessment and reports within the context of the
Rehabilitation Code for the Early Intervention And Medical Treatment In Personal Injury Claims, for people with psychological injuries.

Psychological Rehabilitation after Personal Injury
Dr Loumidis offers psychological rehabilitation (including cognitive behavioural therapy) for people with psychological injuries, as part of their personal injury compensation claims.

Cognitive Therapy Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Dr Loumidis
has received specialist training in cognitive and behavioural therapies (CBT) and has years of experience in the practice of CBT. He has supervised and trained hundreds of professionals in CBT, and has published various papers on CBT in peer reviewed scientific journals and books.

Training for Professionals and Workshops
Dr Loumidis has developed and delivered courses and workshops in previous academic, research and teaching positions at the Universities of London, Leicester, Keele, and Birmingham. He has trained hundreds of postgraduate university students as well as senior professionals from various disciplines, such as psychology and psychiatry. Dr Loumidis has extensive academic and research experience, and he has published in various peer reviewed scientific journals and books.

Organisational Consultancy and Professional Supervision
As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Loumidis has taken senior roles at clinical, managerial, consultative, training and organisational levels, in previous full-time NHS and University posts. He offers specialist clinical supervision to senior psychologists and other professionals, and expert consultancy on organisational and professional matters.


Clinics at:
Birmingham - London - Leicester - Manchester - Shrewsbury - Telford -
Wolverhampton - Worcester - Other venues

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